What The ‘L’ Is a Laughing Loafer

We’re otherwise perfectly responsible people that you would never suspect of being so bloody damn boned and bored by The Corvallis-Serious Effect that we only can only wish to be Seasonally Affected Disordered – and, we’re apparently pretty freaking damn tired of grammar too.

We love you Corvallis! But, having meetings to choose facilitators to help workshop organizational structures for community stakeholders leveraging  opportunities for ongoing committee goal formations and measurement… Well, it makes you funny, really, damn funny.

We also love that there’s more weed dispensaries than liquor stores, and three billion groceries north of downtown and only one south of the Third Street bridge – which is, by the way, a Corvallis-y correct organic market that admits they’re not everyone’s cup of Kombucha.

But, we digress. Aside from our neck of the woods, we humans, regardless of location, are plain ass weird, funnier than hell.

So, this is just another stupid time-kill of a website.