Teens Thank Mayor for Roundabout Drift Track

CORVALLIS- Teens organized late Saturday afternoon to present Mayor Biff Traber a letter thanking him for the new drift track at 53rd and West Hills Road. Seventeen year old Colton Weaver was especially emotional, shaking the mayor’s hand and saying, “There really was so little to do around here before the new drift track, I don’t smoke near as much weed since it’s gone in.”

Weaver’s parents were also on hand, beaming and nodding in confirmation at their son’s new found activity level.

Corvallis Police officer Steve Teeter attended the brief letter presentation, afterwards saying, “It’s inspiring to see area youth this engaged.” Teeter also added, “The beefed up police cruiser suspensions make this tight little track especially fun, it reminds me of why I became a cop in the first place.”